Thursday, December 16, 2010

Advanced Technique-crushed armor

Someone on Warseer asked this question:
"I'm thinking of buying a reaver titan, I was wondering if anyone knew how to crush a rhino or something, I wanna make my reaver titan look like its crushing a tank under foot."

I though some of you loyal reads would find my reply interesting:
"If you are really set on doing this, I have an idea for you. I experimented with this several years ago to very interesting results. Get one of the paper templates for a rhino and a bunch of empty soda or beer cans. Cut the top and bottom of the cans off and then cut and flatten the sphere into sheets. Start making the basic rhino out of the metal and add some plastic details to finish the look. Then you can step on it, or hammer it, or do anything you want to give it that crushed look. I put the rhino I built between two bricks, which were not as tall as the rhino and put a board over the rhino and then stepped on it. The bricks kept me from over crushing and produced a very interesting crushed hull look. Also bullet holes were very easy to make in this, as I just pushed nails and pins through the sides. I don't have any photos to show as I gave it away many moons ago.

You can also use this technique to make smashed or popped armor plates on vehicles or titans."

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