Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hobby Changes

Having been involved in the GW/40k hobby on and off for almost 20 years I find myself moving into a purge state again. I haven't played much and don't really enjoy it when I do. So if you see anything in the blog you would like for your own collection feel free to email me and make an offer. Furthermore, as an ork player I also have a ton of ork bits and infantry available should you be so inclined.


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  2. That's a real shame, sorry to hear it's not doing it for you.

    I'd definitely be interested in looking at some of your orky things since I've gotten myself starting an ork army.

    Email sent

    Bitz are always good too. Loving me some orks.

  3. I'm not totally bailing out. I enjoy the building and mek-ing stuff too much I just don't need the vast amount of stuff I have in relation to game play.

    I'm not planning to hold on for another ten years for another ork codex to come back around. The current ork game doesn't play in a way enjoy.

    Besides, GW's business practices have directly resulted in my resin casting and 3D printing skills growing. So I need less, much less.

  4. I can't for the life of me figure out how to send you an e-mail. Am I just missing the link or is it cleverly hidden somewhere?

  5. I suppose you can drop me a line here: "mtdav" followed by "7807" at a google mail address