Thursday, December 16, 2010

Advanced Technique-crushed armor

Someone on Warseer asked this question:
"I'm thinking of buying a reaver titan, I was wondering if anyone knew how to crush a rhino or something, I wanna make my reaver titan look like its crushing a tank under foot."

I though some of you loyal reads would find my reply interesting:
"If you are really set on doing this, I have an idea for you. I experimented with this several years ago to very interesting results. Get one of the paper templates for a rhino and a bunch of empty soda or beer cans. Cut the top and bottom of the cans off and then cut and flatten the sphere into sheets. Start making the basic rhino out of the metal and add some plastic details to finish the look. Then you can step on it, or hammer it, or do anything you want to give it that crushed look. I put the rhino I built between two bricks, which were not as tall as the rhino and put a board over the rhino and then stepped on it. The bricks kept me from over crushing and produced a very interesting crushed hull look. Also bullet holes were very easy to make in this, as I just pushed nails and pins through the sides. I don't have any photos to show as I gave it away many moons ago.

You can also use this technique to make smashed or popped armor plates on vehicles or titans."

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hobby Changes

Having been involved in the GW/40k hobby on and off for almost 20 years I find myself moving into a purge state again. I haven't played much and don't really enjoy it when I do. So if you see anything in the blog you would like for your own collection feel free to email me and make an offer. Furthermore, as an ork player I also have a ton of ork bits and infantry available should you be so inclined.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Orkfest VI come and gone

Unfortunately I was not able to attend. Makes me sad. Awesome pictures start at the bottom of page 6: Here

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Orkfest VI June 26, 2010

Awesome gathering of members in New Jersey. I recommend it to all for the sheer spectacle of all these massive and expertly painted ork armies. Many of the players have been playing orks in excess of 10 years and have really cool armies. Players are always welcome.

Rules and extras for the big stuff. I'll be reconfiguring my gargant to match these rules.

I plan to be there.

Previous coverage...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Doc --Not the mad one

I still need to add some ork parts to the bucket but he is currently my stand in Mad Doc Grotsnick until Marc finishes painting the main conversion.

Enjoy and as always, feel free to comment.




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Black Reach Nobs in Mega Armor





Ork with thunderhammer and waaagh shield.



Mega Armor from scratch based on a template found on the-waaagh made with scrap from the p-card junk bin. Unfinished but I was taking pictures so...


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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Black Reach Boss in Mega Armor

Since part of my army is Goff centric and since I've never liked the Gazz model, I decided to try something out. I had seen some other Black Reach nobs to mega armor conversions and thought I should give it a shot. I had seven of the new plastic boss figures and decided one would not be missed. Now he really can't be missed.

I started with removing his arms and repositioning his legs for a more dynamic pose. Thick plastic card, like 3mm, on the bottom of his feet to boost his height and then boxed in his upper body, leaving space to access the neck area for the head to attach. Then it was a matter of just running the shocks and pipes. I went a bit wild with the back banners. There is space to run some powercables and some mold lines that I'll get to before I paint but, all in all, something I'm really pleased with.

Please, as always, feel to comment





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Domo Kans Attack!

Hide your kittens! When Meme's Attack! The Domo Kans are here. This was the fruit from a particularly mad moment of inspiration. The construction is painfully simple. Basically, make a box, drill out holes with the cordless for the arms and legs and jam in cut up monitor cable to be the arms and legs. Wrap in P-card and detail.

You can see from the first shots the unpainted third squad and one with the primer coat. My son demand I make one with a spiked ball and so I did.

Huge shout out to my man Marc, who by-the-by got a six, for the excellent work on the bases which help to make the conversions work. Big thanks for the labor and effort in making those for me.

The arms are square plastic rods that fit over the cable snugly and can be removed and changed, currently I use the lightening zapper as grotzookas since I cannot imagine being able to load and fire 2 oversize blunderbusses in the amount of time to shoot 3 big shoota shots. This is one of those occasions where the game dynamic doesn't match up with the fluff. I did experiment with weapons that looked more like scrap launchers, put they messed with the domo look.




You can see that the domo face banners indicate the squads, with faces in a line, in a triangle point up, and in a triangle with point down.


En Mass! Coming at ya...

Perhaps pedo bear dreads to go along with these?

Edit: Sigh, looks like new photos are in order--too dark.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Old School -- Lungbursta in the Wild Part 2

I really enjoy seeing what other people do with my builds. The talented EIN managed to loot one, and I do mean steal. I'm sure the song and dance he performed was worth it. Please do take a look at some of the other great work at his site as well.

Ork-on-Ork action with a fellow waagher DAKKABU.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy FAQ's or FAQ Dis

My major peeve that I was just tired of arguing about is now not an issue anymore. GW has stated that rams are tank shock and now the deathroller can roll away with out having to waste game time.

Also my second peeve has been cleared as well with something I had not noticed in the Rulebook FAQ:

Q. Am I able to gain the benefits of any of my
opponent’s wargear or special rules, such as
Teleport Homers, Chaos Icons, Tyranid Synapse,
Necron Resurrection Orbs etc?
A. In most occasions this is clear, as the rules use
the words ‘friendly’ or ‘own’ to indicate your
units, and ‘enemy’ for the opponent’s. On the
other hand, some rules clearly specify that they
affect ‘friend and foe’. A few rules are, however,
slightly ambiguous as they don’t clearly specify
this distinction. As a general principle, we
recommend that you cannot use or gain the
benefits from any of the wargear or special rules
of your opponent’s army, unless specifically
stated in the rule itself (‘friend or foe’) or in an
official FAQ.

That solves the boarding plank issue in regards to attacking walkers and arguments about them striking back methinks.

I do believe that the only remaining major issue is the argument about whether the shock attack gun has to roll scatter if you roll a double, which I don't believe. I say this because of the order of events that occurs when shooting the shock, which is as follows: place the template, roll for strength, if you happen to roll doubles than go straight to the chart and work out the result. You never go back to the rolling scatter step.

All in all a good thing.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gargant Proto Rules for Apocalypse

Slasher/Great Gargant Points should be 1500 for the Slasher and 2500 for the Great Gargant
WS:4 BS:2 S:10 Armor F:14 S:13 (for great gargant S:14) R:12 I:1, A:3 Same for both Slasher and Great
Structure: Slasher: 8, Great Gargant 12
Powerfields: Slasher: 5+D3, Great Gargant 8+D3. Both count as being within a Kustom Force Field
Transport: Slasher 40 Great 50 (a mek can fix and repair things or assist with the repair crew +1 to roll)
Access: counts as open top for troop deployment but can only embark from the rear
Fire Points: None
1 Small arms batteries: When infantry get too close, be they friend or foe, the crew and passengers of the gargant will often poke their personal weapons out of various windows and hatches to get a piece of the action. Counts as 20 shootas can only be targeted in groups of 10 at targets to speed up playtime and they cannot be destroyed by enemy fire as they are too dispersed. All weapon arcs. Great Gargant has 40 shootas
Slasher has 4 Supra Rockets, Great Gargant has 6 +D3 more per turn
1 Gaze of Mork: As Big Mek Stompa (Heavy 3 Zap gun 60” range) but add Anti-Aircraft
1 Flamebelcha: As Klawstompa, Meks always run a pipe to the reactor or boiler to vent off excess steam or power. What mek wouldn’t weaponize it?
1 Belly Gun: range 72” (Great Gargant has 96” range) Can fire every turn but before the battle the grots pack the magazine so full that there is no room to move around and due to the size of the ammo the grots have to stage the shells for loading. You must declare what type of shell you are going to use in order for the first four shots you shoot and mark them down on paper before you deploy. You cannot decide after seeing deployment. After four turns you can pick your shots. Integrated weapon, not destroyable.
Solid Shot: To fire the Solid Shot place the template anywhere within range and LoS and roll for scatter. The solid shot will then skid forward from it’s landing point directly away from the Great Gargant 3d6” or 2d6” for the slasher. Any model under its skid path will suffer a hit. Any units with Power Fields or Void Shields will additionally have them ALL downed if struck by the Solid shot. (GG uses the large blast, Slasher uses small blast)
Air Burst: As per the stompa upgrade belly gun but S:8 AP:3 3D6 radius (GG would go to S:9 3D6+3)
Hop Splat: It is a large weight, like a rock or iron ball, attached to a rocket that when fired bounces around. S:9 AP:2, To fire, place the small blast then roll scatter and 2D6 if you roll doubles than the shot buries itself in the ground otherwise keep rolling scatter and 2D6 moving the blast around until you roll doubles or go off the board. (GG Large Blast S:10)

Arm Weapons:
For both Slasher and Great Gargants pick 2, All primary weapons, 2 of the same are ok.
1 Titan Close Combat weapon:
1 Supra Lifta Dropa: As Stompa, 48” range, use the small blast, the hole must be on a viable target, any vehicle or monstrous creature (this is new) touched by the template is affected. Make one single direction roll for all targets and work out the results for each lifted model in turn. Monstrous Creatures take the 2D6 wounds when dropped as if they were getting hit. (GG is 60” range and use the large blast)
1 Snappa: As the Krusha Ball but 3D6 range, triple 1’s cause 2 S:D hits back onto the gargant and destroy the snappa. The first vehicle touched is grabbed and tossed as per the lifta droppa.
1 Mega-Supra Shoota: 72” range. Heavy 8D6 S:8 AP:3 (alternative is to make it D6 7”blasts, both ways are fun)
1 Mega-Death Kannon: 120” range S:D Apocalypse Barrage (2D6) My only be taken with a close combat weapon or Snappa (This can put out a lot of D weapons but it is limited to a small area, you will be able to really kill one big thing)

2 Shoulder Weapons: All primary weapons, Great Gargant only
1 Supra-Gatler: 60” range Psycho-Dakka-Blasta as per stompa S:8 Ap:2
1 Deff-Arsenal: As per Stompa upgrade but also Anti-Aircraft including extra Supra rockets
1 Lifta-Droppa: Regular as per stompa
1: Pulsa Rocket Battery: As Warlord vortex missile (only one allowed)

Special rules not related to weapons:
Effigy: within 18” inches makes orks fearless, orks within 12” gain counter attack
Mountain of Iron: Slasha Gargants are Immune to Driver stunned critical results, and treat all Stomp attacks as Destroyer hits.
Towering Inferno: Once crippled, a Slasha Gargant will tend to erupt in great gouts of flame, careening out of control as internal fires tear it apart from within. Catastrophic Damage Table “Wrecked” results instead move the Gargant ahead 2d6”. All normal movement rules apply. It is no longer scoring, may not fire any weapons or change its facing. Roll again on the Catastrophic Damage Table at the start of each ork turn until the Slasha Gargant explodes or leaves the table.
Great Gargant has the Observation Platform free which gives it +1 BS to BS4
Gods of War:
Gargants represent the highest levels of ork Kulture. Their presence on the battlefield is a cause for celebration for all orks because when gargants are on the field, something orky is going to happen. Something is definitely going to blow up real good, even if it is the gargant itself. This collective psychic expectation of the orks often draws the attention of Mork and Gork from their eternal cosmic krumpn’ if just for a moment because they too want to see what is going to happen. As a result, when a gargant, not a stompa, makes close combat attacks on another titan, gargant, or gargantuan creature with more than 7 wounds they always hit on a 2+ ignoring any other factors that might modify the roll. They also gain a +3 bonus on all rolls on any damage table, especially on the catastrophic damage table.
Should a gargant destroy any the above in hand-to-hand, than all broken orks on the table auto rally and a waaagh move may be made in the next ork turn. The Gargant must move 12” toward any enemy titan, gargant, or gargantuan creature with more than 7 wounds on the table every turn.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Advanced Technique: Laser Engraving

I saw this and had never thought about using this technique.

Very interesting and something to consider for making glyphs and other detail parts. This has promise.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Slasher Gargant




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Family Photo

From almost 4 years ago. There has been a bit of expansion since that time.


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