Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Black Reach Nobs in Mega Armor





Ork with thunderhammer and waaagh shield.



Mega Armor from scratch based on a template found on the-waaagh made with scrap from the p-card junk bin. Unfinished but I was taking pictures so...


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  1. Sweet!

    I really like the skill you have with plasticard. If I was going to make an ork army, I'd definitely like some Mega-armoured Nobz.

    In fact I want to break the ork codex by giving a warboss Mega Armour and a warbike. The codex says this isn't possible because he would probably fall off a lot so I propose that after moving, he falls off and takes a wound on a 3+ or something like that.

  2. Just model it. I model first and then shoehorn in the rules. I wouldn't worry about breaking the codex you are too late.

  3. Absolutely stunning work

    I've been thinking about this myself for some time, and I've got to be cheeky and ask for a tut!

    failing that, a list of the gauges of plastics used would be wonderful!

  4. Wow, very cool. A lot of good ideas there...and I think you've solved the problem with expensive (and repetitive) MANZ models. I hope you'll post them again as you paint them!