Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Doc --Not the mad one

I still need to add some ork parts to the bucket but he is currently my stand in Mad Doc Grotsnick until Marc finishes painting the main conversion.

Enjoy and as always, feel free to comment.




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  1. There's really a lot of subtle things going on for this model. Is that Fabius' chirgeon arm and a globadier backpack I spy?

    Great looking bucket and scissors. Truly an orky-piece to be proud of!

  2. Thanks. Your eyes do not deceive. There was a side character that went along with this doc which is based on the inquisitor mutant figure with boss legs and gazz's claw. It had a warmaster squid for a face and was to be attached to the chain.

    Story is that he was the old warboss that the new warboss slipped the doc some teeth to "fix." I realized that it would be the perfect figure for Mad Doc Grotsnik if I popped off the squid face. You can see pictures at the blog can a brother get a six from the links to the reight.

    Thanks for the comment and welcome.

  3. I hope he's not running with those things!