Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Domo Kans Attack!

Hide your kittens! When Meme's Attack! The Domo Kans are here. This was the fruit from a particularly mad moment of inspiration. The construction is painfully simple. Basically, make a box, drill out holes with the cordless for the arms and legs and jam in cut up monitor cable to be the arms and legs. Wrap in P-card and detail.

You can see from the first shots the unpainted third squad and one with the primer coat. My son demand I make one with a spiked ball and so I did.

Huge shout out to my man Marc, who by-the-by got a six, for the excellent work on the bases which help to make the conversions work. Big thanks for the labor and effort in making those for me.

The arms are square plastic rods that fit over the cable snugly and can be removed and changed, currently I use the lightening zapper as grotzookas since I cannot imagine being able to load and fire 2 oversize blunderbusses in the amount of time to shoot 3 big shoota shots. This is one of those occasions where the game dynamic doesn't match up with the fluff. I did experiment with weapons that looked more like scrap launchers, put they messed with the domo look.




You can see that the domo face banners indicate the squads, with faces in a line, in a triangle point up, and in a triangle with point down.


En Mass! Coming at ya...

Perhaps pedo bear dreads to go along with these?

Edit: Sigh, looks like new photos are in order--too dark.

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  1. Gah- the memes are multiplying! And they're HUNGRY!