Sunday, January 10, 2010

Secret Santa Battlewagon

My primary hobby site on the web, considering I'm an ork player, is Which is a fantastic gathering place for all things ork related and is home to some of the finest modelers and converters around. Once or twice a year they run a secret Santa gift exchange that I enjoy participating in. As to the topic here, the battlewagon below was a gift for a fella in Baltimore I drew several years ago.

This was originally a commission for someone out in California who asked for a battlewagon the size of a landraider with a deathroller. He wasn't much more specific and wanted several but I wanted to build one and and test the water first. He loved it but thought it was too large and even though he said he'd keep it, I offered to build him another if he sent it back. Serendipitously, my giftee had asked for a battlewagon, more tongue in cheek than serious. Little did he know. When I received the wagon back, I built two replacements using my lungbursta/bonebreaka template and sent them off to my old home state to close the book there.

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