Tuesday, January 19, 2010

To Do List: Characters

1. [Done] Big mek with burna: Zodbolt (secret santa gift)
2. [Done] Mek with K-Force field with modular hand weapons P-fist/slugga/burna
3. [Done] Mek with K-Force field (counts as Shock attack as well)
4. [Done] Goffboss in Mega armor (Counts as Gaz)
5. [Done] Blood Axe boss regular
6. [Done] Freebooter Boss on bike
7. [Done] Mad Doc Grot
8. [Done] Wazzdakka
9. [Done] Snikrot
10. Zogwort
11. Badruk
12. Zagstruck
13. [Done] Freebooter Pirate boss on bike
14. [Done] Custom Big Mek with Shock attack

Pictures to follow.

1 comment:

  1. Hey MTD.

    I'm loving all of the orky characters and vehicles you're doing here. You've got some great creativitiy and modelling going.