Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Old School Gutrippa

I am a fan of the old school look of ork vehicles. Recreating all the neat old epic vehicles has been the driving force in my return to 40k as I need a creative outlet to balance work. The vehicle here is known as a gutrippa and is used as a battlewagon with a cannon and deathroller on the table. I get tired of seeing the large steamroller on every vehicle and wanted to experiment with using something else to represent the roller.

As you can see, the vehicle breaks down into parts that are attached with magnets. Turret to hull. Back sponsons to turret for weapon modularity. Claws to arms to hull. Front gun to hull. Having been involved with GW games for almost 20 years, I've learned my lesson and I now make everything modular.

This build ends up being slightly shorter than the GW battlewagon and slightly wider. It is also about the same height when the GW turret is attached to their model.

All in all one of my favorite tanks.

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