Thursday, January 14, 2010

Old School Gobsmasha 1

I like the look of these vehicles and they build up fast, I tend to do 2 at a time. The triple bigshoota was fun to build and a bit of a challenge. I count the wheels as deathrollers because why wouldn't I. The second was sold off and note the smaller wheels.

The spikes on the treads are emo/cutter/goth clothing spikes--see the studs and spikes link to the right under resources. I tend to see ork vehicles with very orderly treads and I don't like that so rather than just complain I just build my own. These are from before I made a mold of them and I sure am glad I don't make them from scratch anymore. I use treads without spikes for the bottom of the wheels or tracks to represent the tank being sunk into the ground a bit--the spikes would dig in rather than having the tank standing on tiptoes.




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  1. Hello, do you still do those vehicles on comission??