Friday, January 22, 2010

Pirate boss--Down Memory Lane

Back in 3rd edition I had a massive ork army somewhere in the vicinity of 9000 points that was based on the theme of Mad Max meets pirates. I had six trucks that looked like masted ships on wheels and 3 battlewagons that were two decked three masted frigates. All very cool. I sold them off for what ended up being the cost of moving my wife and our stuff to Virginia from California and gas to drive our car across the country. I regret selling that army. A lot.

I did save a few of the characters to adorn my book cases though. The figure below is a warboss with a cybork body and a bionic arm. Note the old school squig attack arm using warmaster squigs. I bought a ton of them back in the day of GW bits, I do believe even in the days of the troll boss bob specials. The cybork body was done by sawing a mega armored ork and the warboss in half with a very fine fret/jewelers saw and swapping the half's.

He still comes out occasionally for megabattles and special occasions.



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