Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Old School- Mekboy Dragsters

In the old ork codex one of the rare armies that most people never played against was the all buggy army. I definitely wanted to run one and I wanted to use the Epic mek dragsters as a template. I was going to have 27 armor 10 vehicles in the army and it would have been fun. I wasn't going to make 27 individual vehicles so I wanted to make a casting friendly template. I went through a few versions until I saw the dragster made by a fella in Canada. I tossed aside my own efforts and copied his design that I subsequently made a mold of yielding these.

As you can see, there is no engine, front end, or weapons. I would have to make all those myself resulting in very different looking vehicles that all seem to be made from the same base. All of these have had much more detail added.

The Bubble Chucka:

The Pulsa Rocket Launcher:

Not a mek dragster per se, but the doom diver magna cannon:

Baseline dragster without weapons:


  1. Great stuff. Old School epic models for the win. I remember playing Final Liberation and having fun with all of the cool vehicles. The traktor cannon one was the worst with one good shot tearing up a superheavy tank no problems.

  2. May you sell me one base model??