Friday, January 22, 2010

Blood Axe Warboss

Careful. Comming at ya! I like doing figures with a bit of dynamism and a sense of movement. This fella definably has that. The legs are from a bloodbowl troll and the upper body, shoulder pad, and choppa are from Inquisitor scale figures. Powerclaw is scratch and the buttons are small wooden ship model nails. The cuffs are foil from wine bottles with small slits cut in them. Save the foil from wine as it is the thickest I have been able to find and normally would get toss into the garbage.

If I had any greenstuffing skills he would have used a different head and a peaked commissar style cap. He is on a 40mm base and if he was standing up straight would be twice the size of a normal warboss.

I promise to paint him proper. Really I do. Really. Alright, shut up enough already.




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